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how to dry parsley in oven

To make sure the air is circulating inside the oven, leave the door of an electric oven slightly ajar. Immerse the leaves in ice-cold water to prevent it from overcooking from the residual heat. Continue until all the parsley leaves are crumbled. Strip large-leaved herbs, such as sage and mint, from their stalks. Lay them out on a paper towel and pat them dry. After harvesting fresh parsley from your garden (or gathering any store-bought fresh parsley), use your scissors or gardening shears to cut off the leaves and put them in a salad spinner. Give the leaves a rough chop. Make sure that none of the leaves overlap and that they are all flat on the pan’s surface. Hi! Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! If the parsley smell is still strong, then it’s ok to use. Put in the oven for 20 minutes, checking it reguarly to make sure it does not burn. How to dry herbs in the oven While you can dry any type of fresh herbs in a very low oven, some people prefer using the oven for woody (thyme, rosemary) herbs, rather than tender (basil, parsley) ones, which are more delicate. It can take upwards to an hour to effectively dry herbs in the oven. Then fold the parchment paper into a funnel and pour the dried parsley into an air-tight storage container (I like to use glass jars). Never tried to dry my own herbs, but this looks like an easy and much tastier alternative to store-bought dried herbs! Place on a towel overnight and allow to dry completely before moving on to drying in the oven. Just what I was looking for so I can make my own dried parsley flakes. Dries beautifully and keeps its bright green color. It is worth the $60 if you really want to dehydrate foods. I love to garden and feed my family as fresh as possible. One Pot Lasagna Soup Recipe {Dutch Oven Soup} It’s time to create some delicious soup memories with this easy One Pot Lasagna Soup recipe… parsley … The leaves will fall right off the stems as they dry. Here is a super easy way of how I dry my harvested herbs! In a conventional oven, all the plant material gets hot, not just the water. Can you dry fresh parsley in the oven? I dry my parsley on a cookie sheet in the oven at 200 degrees. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Parsley is one of my favorite herbs to grow, because it is so easy. Store dried parsley in glass jars in a cool, dry cabinet. Repeat until all parsley is dried, changing your paper towel as needed. That is the method that is discussed in this post. Heat your oven to its lowest temperature setting, which is usually around 200 degrees. Use the lowest setting so that you don’t burn the parsley. Required fields are marked *. Preheat the oven to 180˚F. You can use an oven. The speed by which the parsley dries will depend on factors like humidity and altitude. And, I’m not sure if you’ve ever compared store-bought dried herbs to your own dried fresh herbs, but the color difference is striking. See how low your oven will go before trying it. Don’t overcrowd. Browse the Archives (e.g., by ingredient, diet type, holiday, etc. First you preheat your oven to 350F. Set the parsley on flat cookie sheets that have no sides. Then, set your oven to its lowest temperature and put the tray inside, turning the herbs every 30 minutes. In order to get the best taste and color retention, a quicker drying method is needed. The main difference is that flat-leaf parsley has a more robust flavor and is used more in recipes, whereas curly-leaf parsley is generally used more as a garnish. This way the moisture will leave the oven and not cause the parsley to steam cook. You can dry parsley in the microwave in 2 minutes. Set the oven to the lowest temperature and leave the oven door slightly ajar when the tray of parsley goes in. Required fields are marked *. Check the leaves to make sure they are dry because any residual moisture is a breeding ground for mold. Don’t let that parsley go to waste. If they are too crowded, the leaves might not dry all of the way. Put the tray in the oven. Remove any bad or rotten leaves from the parsley and discard them. Separate the herb leaves from the stems and discard the stems. By dry, I mean that they shouldn’t feel wet and they should crumble easily. Leave the parsley leaves in the oven for a few hours, and then check for dryness. I also use my oven to dehydrate fleshy-type vegetables and fruit like apples, hot (chipotle) and bell peppers, and green and white onions. … It grows very fast, and it’s very forgiving (unlike basil…). Bake at 300°F for 5.10 minutes. I have air dried and used the microwave in the past. Among all methods of drying parsley and other herbs, using the microwave generates the best results, producing the brightest color and freshest flavor. By dry, I mean that they shouldn't feel wet and they should crumble easily. To quickly dry herbs in an oven, line a cookie sheet with muslin or parchment paper and place a single layer of herbs on that tray. start by removing the leaves and chopping them up into small pieces. If doing several herbs, try to place similar herbs together. Place parsley on a baking sheet, careful not to overlap any of the leaves. Receive My Favorite Recipes Straight to Your Inbox! Oven Drying. Harvesting and drying parsley is very easy too. Compost the stems that are left. You will be drying the entire parsley stem and leaf, I find this method less time consuming than removing individual leaves. The yield of parsley was so high, that after growing just one plant, I had enough dried parsley for well over a year, and I was able to give some away to family. Content includes images, text, audio, video, and any other forms of content appearing on The Panicked Foodie. If there are some that are still wet, set the dry leaves aside and put the wet ones back in the oven for an additional 5 minutes. I like to use my free hand to kind of swish it around under the running water. Place one or two stalks on a plate, and microwave them for 20 seconds. The Panicked Foodie explores a large range of diets, with an emphasis on vegan and gluten-free baking and confections. I love seeing what you’ve made! Drying parsley in the oven. A quick and easy way to dry fresh parsley. After the dried herbs have cooled, store them in air-tight containers away from heat and light. Lay the leaves on the parchment-lined baking sheet. The leftover stems from trimming can be discarded. Crush and break up the leaves with your fingers until you reach desired consistency (I left the dried crushed parsley in the bowl for an hour…just to make sure they were “cooled”). Basil (Ocimum spp. Your email address will not be published. When I first started gardening, it was one of the first herbs I planted. Easy way to dry parsley leaves in the oven in 20 minutes. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Try to space out the parsley leaves as best you can, to allow for good airflow. The dried parsley will retain its flavor for up to one year. Make sure your oven rack is in the middle of the oven. Click here to learn more information on caring for parsley from the Farmer’s Almanac. Blanch for about 15 to 25 seconds in boiling water. Using any of my content in an app is expressly prohibited without prior written permission. How to Oven Dry Parsley - The Panicked Foodie Best To harvest, you want to cut from the outer part of the plant about an inch above the soil using either sharp scissors or gardening shears (this is what I use). Remove from oven. When the stem has three leaves on it and they are fairly large, then it is ready to be harvested. Follow the step by step instructions for easy herb drying! How to Dry Basil, Parsley or Mint. If you have a gas oven, shut the door, but open it every 5 minutes … Preheat your convection oven to 100 degrees F. It is best to dry your leaves slowly at a low temperature. Lay the leaves on the parchment-lined baking sheet. Line an oven proof dish with baking paper. US copyright law prohibits the direct copying of any content from The Panicked Foodie without explicit written permission from the site owner. Place the pan in the oven and set … Drain and use a cloth or paper towel to help get rid of excess water. Keep the heat low or the end result will be burnt parsley. Remove from oven. For some climates, ovens and dehydrators may be the only way to dry freshly harvested herbs. If by chance your parsley is dirty or muddy, then wash your parsley under cold running water, or wash in a salad spinner (my favorite way to clean veggies and herbs). So get your gardening shears, and let’s hop to it! Or maybe you have the nicest neighbor gardener who keeps leaving parsley on your doorstep? Whereas homemade dried herbs are vibrant in color, the store-bought ones are dull and yucky looking. Let bake for 30 minutes with the oven door propped open to let moisture out. Place parsley on a baking sheet, careful not to overlap any of the leaves. Preheat to 250 F and line a baking sheet with parchment. This was way better. Check the leaves to make sure they are dry because any residual moisture is a breeding ground for mold. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining explicit written permission. Take the inner strainer part out, and give the leaves a good rinse. Place the baking sheets on the oven racks set close to the middle of the oven. Dry it for 20 minutes (or shorter, if your lowest temperature setting is higher than mine). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After it dries, I rub it through a colander. Step 4. I find that drying them in the oven is the most fool-proof and fastest method. If you have a salad spinner, you can spin-dry the parsley, which works really well. I'm Pamela, an artist Mom who shares family recipes.

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